l'nhea tia

☼ greetings! ☾

half seeker of the sun | half keeper of the moon
big-hearted & a little dense & an adrenaline junkie
a cat with big labrador retriever energy
an earnest, honest lominsan sailor, forever looking towards the horizon

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l'nhea tia

general info

namel'nhea tia
age24 (ARR start), 29 (post-ShB)
racehalf seeker of the sun, half keeper of the moon
orientationno gender preference; bottom-leaning switch
alignmentchaotic good
height5' 7 1/2" (171 cm)
buildmuscular but tapered in the waist; swimmer's build

personalityhelpful, excitable, thrill-seeker, warm, open
current residencelimsa lominsa
worksails with his tribe's trade crew, odd jobs 'round the realm
canon classesWAR, DRK, BRD, FSH
birthplacesharlayan dravanian colony
nameday9th sun of the fourth umbral moon
guardiannymeia, the spinner
serverbalmung (crystal)

talentsfeats of speed & strength, swimming & diving, speaking his mind (albeit not eloquently), rolling with the punches, keeping balanced, climbing, surviving
weaknessesmagic & aether control, impulse control, formal study, overstimulation of the senses, thinking things through, staying still, honest praise, pretty eyes
likeswandering, danger, drinking, a good spar, baths, being challenged, hands-on learning & experiences, helping however he can, kids & family, cute things
dislikeshaircuts, mean-spirited folk (grumps are okay!), success at the expense of others, following exact instructions, excessive messiness, feeling weak

l'nhea tia


› /toast
do you like drinking? do you work at an establishment that serves them? can you hold your liquor or do you jump right to the "sicker" part?
like most sailors, l'nhea enjoys a pint (or three!) after a day's work. did you run into him on his way in, come up to him once he was seated, or maybe you're the one who invited him out for a drink in the first place?
› /box
do you enjoy a good spar?
l'nhea isn't one to shy from a fight and even considers them a good way to grow closer to someone-- especially if you're going to be working together on a job in the near future or have something to teach him. (unless agreed upon beforehand, all combat will be roll-based and following grindstone rules!)
› /squats
can you do more push-ups than l'nhea? or maybe you think you can catch more fish in the same amount of time?
whatever it is, so long as it's something that holds his interest, he'll gladly accept your challenge-- especially if it's drinking.
› /psych
do you have an idea that everyone thinks is too crazy to attempt?
worry not, l'nhea will want to join in! (so long as he isn't morally opposed to it. sorry, cat burglars!) the more dangerous the idea, the more excited he'll be for it. he won't even require payment upfront! maybe you're an adventurer looking for other fools to watch your back, or maybe you're a client looking for someone determined enough to see the job through to the end. whichever the case, l'nhea's reputation precedes him in some circles, so someone is sure to send you his way if you seem suitably desperate.
› /aback
have you met before?
l'nhea has sailed most of the seas in his time as a member of his tribe and visited countless cities and towns over the years. did you meet as children, teens, or adults? were you a local or from a rival trading company? if you met as children, perhaps you take notice of how he grew up significantly larger than one might expect from someone his size. if you met before the calamity, perhaps you find him slightly more calm and collected than before. are you a former client, former party member, or maybe even a previous one-night stand?
(i'm more than open to discuss previous acquaintances, especially if realistic!)
› /teleport
do you come here often?
l'nhea's primary residence is located in limsa lominsa. maybe you're visiting and a bit lost, or maybe you've just returned home after an extended time away. perhaps you even know each other from that one time you jostled each other at the wench or when you both reached for the same orange in hawker's alley. whatever the case, l'nhea is sure to give you a warm welcome!
› /waterflip
do you sink or do you swim?
unlike a typical housecat, l'nhea more closely resembles a catfish-- in ability, not appearance, and of actual fish, not namazu. are you drowning and he happens to be nearby to haul you out? or are you just having fun floating about and happen to bump heads? or perhaps you're on your way to visit the kojin of the blue and he wants to accompany you to be granted a blessing to breathe beneath the sea!
› /think
have something else in mind?
if you have something more specific in mind, i'd absolutely love to hear it! these are just some rough ideas for if you're having trouble coming up with something. :)

l'nhea tia

in-game references


l'nhea tia

the long and the short of it

the short

Nhea was born to a Seeker mother and a Keeper father in what was formerly the Sharlayan Dravanian colony. At a young age, Garlemald invaded Ala Mhigo, resulting in the Sharlayan colony’s exodus back to the motherland. His father went along with the other émigré (despite his own wishes and that of his partner and son), leaving Nhea and his mother behind. The two traveled to Limsa Lominsa shortly thereafter to return to her original home, the L tribe. They were met with some resistance upon his mother’s return, but were ultimately able to rejoin the tribe. Nhea became L’nhea Tia, and he has called Limsa home ever since.The L tribe consists of an amalgamation of sailors, traders, merchants, and cartographers. L’nhea has never been the brightest-- something he is always somewhat aware of but does not pay much heed to-- and thus was not able to pick up any of the more convoluted trades involving business acumen or a knack for drawing up maps. He was, however, taught to be a sailor, a marauder, a fisher, and-- above all else-- respectful.By the time he was a teenager, life began to feel...dull. Instead of picking up a hobby like people would normally do, he opted to instead find things that thrilled him. Adventures, gambles, and near-death experiences gradually became the norm, and he gained a reputation as a foolhardy yet earnest sea cat among residents of Limsa Lominsa.Then the Seventh Umbral Calamity occurred.Life changed for all Eorzeans after that, and L’nhea was no exception. While his rowdiest days are now behind him, he still craves stimulation and engaging experiences. He has taken to traveling (more on foot these days than by sea) and working between journeys. If he’s lucky, the two coincide! He is searching for something, but he isn’t quite sure what the vague sense of “missing” actually is. In its stead, he accumulates new abilities to assist him in becoming closer and closer to temporarily indestructible-- namely, tank classes and their accompanying skillsets. He is usually the one lugging about a huge axe or massive greatsword, but don’t let that fool you: his abilities as a bard are still exceptional despite his love of running headfirst into danger.L’nhea has no particularly strong feelings towards Seeker or Keeper traditions, but will willingly confess he doesn’t know nearly as much about the latter. He harbors no desire to take over as Nunh, preferring instead to focus on having an exciting life. The position holds no interest for him, especially considering his mixed heritage and the vague “otherness” he has felt since joining.

l'nhea tia

ooc info

quick look 
gendernonbinary (they/them)
serversbalmung primarily
preferred format/lengthnone, let's have fun!
looking forall rp, rp connections
erp?ya but u gotta be 20+

hi hi!
i'm a 20-something nonbinary person from the west coast who loves creating characters and rping!
i also love art and sleeping and my dog.
i've been playing xiv for roughly 5 years now. my preferred job is usually rdm, but war and dnc are also v good >:3c
l'nhea is my rp main! i'm gradually getting him caught up with msq, but i get distracted real easily, so...it's taking a while. :') i have a content main as well and am caught up on msq, no worries about spoilers.
as far as rp experience goes, i've been writing out stuff for over a decade now (wow...) and have experience primarily in forum rp and chatroom rp.

  • i don't have a preferred length or format for rp, and i'm fine with either in-game or via discord. just shoot me a tell and we can figure it out!

  • i'm good with exploring darker themes/rivalries/negativity/violence/etc in rp, but please discuss it with me beforehand. i prefer to do so with people i'm familiar with and/or after plotting out a rough course for it to take and finding its usage in my characters' stories. i like conflict to serve a purpose and help characters grow; just causing chaos with no desire for resolution is generally not my cup of tea, especially with strangers/new acquaintances.

  • looking for oneshots, short-term, and long-term rp partners! friendship is non-negotiable for long-term partners. :p we better get along if we're going to be writing together, after all!!

  • erp is also okay so long as you are at least 20 and have a list of preferences somewhere (can be sent manually, can be f-list, whatever). organic kink discussion in rp is a fav though.

thank you for reading! /tells are welcome at any time. :D

l'nhea tia

at a glance

  • buff; tank main and it shows

  • exposed skin has various battle scars

  • fangs, ears, and tail are all bigger/longer than a pure seeker's

  • aether is unstable! it seems to mostly mirror what's in his surroundings or someone who is aspected strongly one way. will affect his body temperature, and acts up the more emotional he is. easy to see with aethersight; he regularly has too much.

  • has a bite mark scar on the back of his neck. it has been mostly covered by a black lightning scar.

  • see gallery for art with his actual hair :^)

  • large, calloused sailor's hands that are surprisingly nimble

  • baby face; hard to tell he's nearly 30